Welcome to Creating Text-Dependent Questions for the Classroom, a professional development initiative that will demonstrate a clear process for generating text-dependent questions for use with literature and informational text at all grade levels.

Why is it important to focus on text-dependent questions? Watch this video for an explanation.
Module Overview video

Each module is self-paced and divided by grade band. You can select the grade band appropriate for you, or review all of them to expand your understanding even further. Each grade band includes a Welcome, Exploration, several Activity pages, and a Wrap Up. Interactive non-graded assessments supplement the instruction.

Module Objectives

In each module, you will:

  • Explore the key features of text-dependent questions: what they are and what they are NOT.
  • Understand how to align text-dependent questions to the MCCRS.
  • Differentiate the role of reading strategies from the role of text-dependent questions.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to create a text-dependent question aligned to a particular text.
  • Evaluate a sample response for its use of text to respond accurately to the question.