This module is for High School Activity 1

Activity 1 - Using Text-Dependent Questions at the High School Level

Two students working together
Text-dependent questions target vocabulary and specific sentence structures to enhance reading comprehension.

An effective set of text-dependent questions delves systematically into a text to guide students toward extracting the key meanings  or ideas. Text-dependent questions typically begin by exploring specific words, details, and arguments, and then move on to examine the impact of those specifics on the text as a whole. Along the way, they target figurative, connotative, and technical meanings of words, as well as other rhetorical features as critical focus points for gaining comprehension. 

While there is no set process for generating a complete and coherent body of text-dependent questions for a text, the following steps, adapted from guidelines published by Achieve the Coreopens in new window, is a good guide that can serve to generate a series of questions for close reading and the development of text-dependent questions for any given text.

Explore the step-by-step process for creating text-dependent questions.